Fireman Sam Toys

Fireman Sam is a beloved character introduced in British animated children’s television series about a fireman called Sam, his fellow firefighters, and other townspeople in the town of Pontypandy.

The main characters appearing are:


  • Sam
  • Evlis Cridlington
  • Basil steele
  • Penny Morris
  • Trevor Evans


  • Dilys Price
  • Bella Lasagne
  • Helen Flood
  • Mike Flood
  • Tom Thomas
  • Charlie Jones
  • Bronwyn McShell-Jones
  • Mr. Price


Fireman Sam first appeared on TV in 1985 and later in on BBC in 1987. The series finished in 1994 but remains popular well over a decade after the last episode was aired.

Several movies and shorts were developed with the fireman Sam characters through the years and is still very popular today.


Since its release Fireman Sam has been enjoyed by millions of young and old alike.


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